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Indescribable memories

My name is Smbat Gulyan.
It was May in 2019, a very nice spring day, which became quite unusual for me. It was a day full of events and adventures which was different from all the other days in my life leaving an indescribable feelings in my memories.
I was walking along the streets in Yerevan when I got to the Kievyan Bridge and there I saw one boy who wanted to throw himself from the bridge and die. I came up to him and asked. “Hey, what are you doing?”  He cried. “Don’t come near, I don’t want to live, I have some problems.”
I tried to understand the seriousness of this situation and that one wrong step could have been fatal in that case. So having a degree of a lawyer (though I have never worked in that field) I was always interested in human psychology.
It was a great chaos. A lot of people were there. Even the cars stopped to see what was happening. I noticed the ambulance and the policemen as well.
But the boy trusted only me as I had talked to him about 15 minutes and  except me nobody could come up to him.
Finally I managed to persuade him not to do such a thing and I told him. “From now on you are going to start a new life, never so such a thing again, there are solutions to every problem. “ And after that people made him get in a car and they all left.
After this I was really restless. I couldn’t find my place. I couldn’t sleep even at nights thinking about how many people do such things and it’s impossible to save their lives.
From that day on I decided to found a charitable organization to help people in society who are in need, who are in a very difficult situation, to support them psychologically, to give them financial assistance according to our regulations.
In order to found this organization I turned to Nikol Pashinyan writing to him about the incident that I witnessed in Kievyan Bridge, I presented our charitable programs and I got the approval by both the Government and the Ministry of Labour and Social Problems in Armenia saying that the Minister highly appreciates my own initiative and after the foundation of this organization he is ready to assist us and give any information needed.
After some time  “Nor Kyanq” Charitable Non-Governmental Organization was founded.
I would like to mention that in case of support you can turn to Razmik Mkrtchyan , the Head of Shengavit District who is also willing to cooperate with us.
Our main goal is to support people in need and create favourable conditions for them in our society. 
Anyone and any organization can join us and donate.

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President:  Smbat Gulyan

Smbat Gulyan

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Our aim is to find needy people in our society and support them.

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